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A lot is going on in our world right now, and it’s okay to feel overwhelmed. 

Having passed the day marking one year since the quarantine started, it’s undeniable we’ve come a long way. On Mar. 25, California announced that all residents 16 and above will be eligible for vaccines starting Apr. 15. As of Mar. 15, Los Angeles County is in the substantial risk “red tier”—whereas it had previously been in the widespread risk “purple tier”—and some key sectors have begun to reopen. Even Arcadia Unified School District is planning to reopen schools by mid-April. These are sure steps that the world around us is getting better.

We’re making progress with COVID-19, but we’re still in the middle of a pandemic. The unemployment rate is not as high as it was last year, but it’s still higher than pre-pandemic levels. Racial injustice remains; violence against Asian Americans has surged almost 150% compared to previous years. There is also no denying the mental strain the pandemic has put on people all over the world with therapists and mental health facilities overburdened with the escalating need for services.

With all of the ups and downs and tosses and turns, it can be exhausting to get a grasp on everything going on. Life can feel like a massive question mark, with no certainty of where things will go. It’s easy to feel lost and exhausted, and that is totally okay. It’s okay to take things at your own pace, but we shouldn’t stop where we are. 

After all, time stops for no one. It’s easy to get caught up in the chaos of the moment, but we need to remember that someday, somehow, things will move past our present circumstances. Things are changing constantly, but some things are changing for the better, and we might be able to treat our experiences as an opportunity for growth. For example, learning and working remotely have taken a massive leap forward. Although we hope that nothing as drastic as another pandemic will occur soon, procedures for another lockdown wouldn’t feel as drastic and new. Some of these procedures may be used even without a worldwide crisis; numerous companies are planning to adopt remote or hybrid work models for the future. We can be assured that through the adversity and challenges we face, a new beginning will emerge.

The feeling of being overwhelmed is universal, and everybody is feeling the pressure of uncertainty. So give yourself a little grace during this time and be kind to yourself. Focus on each day as it comes by and what you can get done at the moment. Think of the small things that bring you happiness and treasure them. Work at your own pace and give yourself room to relax and breathe. Talk to your friends if you want some interaction, but don’t feel guilty for wanting some time on your own. 

What’s important is that you keep going. We will get through this together, but we need to keep moving forward.


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