Freshman Link Crew Orientation


Bryan Lim, Staff Writer

The Link Crew Orientation is an event that is hosted by the Link Crew leaders for new freshmen to look around and explore the campus at the beginning of the school year. An email was sent to current freshmen on Mar. 15 with a form containing whether or not if the students would like to attend the orientation. 

“Link Crew wanted to host this event because we wanted to provide the freshmen with a proper campus experience and guide them through the major building and areas of campus before they step onto it. Our objective is always to help the freshmen class as much as we can, so these tours were a way to provide freshmen with something more than they can utilize for school. We hope this will boost morale and spirit in the freshmen class and get them excited to come back onto campus,” Link Crew Commissioner senior Gavin Do said. 

The Link Crew leaders are putting a lot of effort into this orientation, and it looks like their effort will pay off because there are going to be a lot of students attending it. Here are some of their views on it.

“I am attending the Link Crew Orientation. I’m expecting to learn more about the school campus, different areas I have never known before, and mostly just meeting a lot more people in real life, since most of the things we have done in the entire year were online. However, I am not doing in-person school, because I live very far away from the school, and with this fast of a sudden change, I do not think I would get used to it, so I decided to continue online school,” freshman Jason Tsui said.

“Yes, I am attending the Link Crew Orientation, and I expect from attending it to just be given a tour around the school, and we’re given the chance to roam free on campus for a bit. Though I am not attending in-person [school], I am remaining to do online school because I prefer to end school online since it would be easier and I have gotten used to the schedule of online school. I would much prefer starting fresh next year as a sophomore,” freshman Philip Leslie said.

Overall, it seems that the interviewed students and probably much more, are excited to attend the orientation, and the effort Link Crew leaders are putting into making this orientation amazing will pay off. 


Graphic courtesy of Link Crew