Spring Flowers

Spring represents the renewal of life, happiness, acceptance, and most importantly, growth. Whether it be growth in mental health, relationships, intellect, gratitude, or more, spring presents an opportunity of rebirth. While looking through the stills of five different flowers, each perfectly brilliant in color and blooming in nature, take a moment to ask yourself what represents a type of growth in your life. What is something you hope to see blossoming in yourself during this year?

Lilian Chong – To feel blissful and comforted in moments of terror is a challenge for teens and adults in isolation. We catch ourselves catastrophizing days, months, and years ahead—what will happen to my loved ones? Sometimes, we anticipate sunny days just to let a patch of light peer into our dark bedrooms. We consume so much of our valuable time on eye-straining technologies that we forget about the world outside our homes. A year in quarantine has made me feel desolate, disoriented, and uncertain. However, I won’t let the concept of gloomy nights and dark isolation dishearten me. A new season and a new month has brought me hope in rediscovering myself and appreciating nature’s beautiful gift: our environment. Taking a walk or breathing with consciousness has never felt more fulfilling and different. Strolling around the neighborhood has become the new normal of exploring—you are the adventurer ready to start life anew. This image of a bouquet of warm-colored flowers resembles self-acceptance and growth. The concept that nature revitalizes itself is fascinating because it reminds humans that there’s a chance for rediscovery. In the midst of this unprecedented pandemic, I’ve learned to embrace myself to new challenges and acknowledge the minuscule things in life. But ultimately, my agenda this year is to see myself blossom and reinvigorate the way life does during spring.

Janell Wang – For me and many others, 2020 was an especially rough year. There was so much uncertainty in what was going on with the pandemic. My life was essentially flipped upside down in the blink of an eye. One moment I was attending school in person like any other day, and the next, it suddenly got shut down. It was mentally draining and took a bit of adapting to get used to being confined at home all the time. I was also getting adjusted to a much heavier course load compared to the year before. Spring, representing the renewal of life, is similar to how my own life has sort of changed. Much like these flowers that endure through the winter and bloom in the spring, I managed to survive through what felt like a really draining year for me. The pandemic may not be over, and while more hardships are sure to come, I feel that I have definitely matured and grown.

Kailani Yamashiro – During spring, we see nature bloom, thrive, then fade away. I think this is the perfect time to start off with a clean slate. The image I selected is a type of flower that, when not in bloom, consists of branches. However, for a month or two, there come these beautiful flowers that look like balloons. I’ve always wondered why we did spring cleaning, but now I know it’s a time to start anew. I think that metaphorically we are flowers, and every year, our old selves turn into the branches. The branches that keep growing to become the new beautiful flowers are the new and improved version of ourselves. It’s a new step in life that’s a little more subtle than the New Year celebrations we have. For me, personally, my self-growth and confidence is the growth I go through every year. I am constantly trying to be the best version of myself. Being confident in myself is a big change I am trying to make a reality this spring.

Madison YeeWith spring’s awakening, the image I chose features blooming flowers with pops of pinks, purples, whites, and greens. Observing nature’s beauty through the form of different flowers truly shows the growth that everyone has experienced both physically and mentally. Blossoming into the best version of myself, I have personally been able to see through improvements in my health to develop a purpose in my lifestyle and routines. Maintaining healthy habits has been the start, while I have created an environment for myself that provides a positive and grateful mindset. Taking time to appreciate the little things in life and focusing on getting in some sun, physical activity, and better meal plan has given me the opportunity to find what I love to do and who I can trust. With purity of mind, heart, and body, I will continue to evolve as I see the love, hope, rebirth, and growth that is present in the world.

Pamina Yung – The flowers in my picture are bougainvillea that are abundant in my neighborhood and bring back loads of nostalgia. Spring, to me, symbolizes optimism and reminds me of sunny, breezy weather with occasional rain. The season is also when countless flowers bloom and create beautiful floral landscapes. Succeeding winter, spring is an emblem of perseverance and the cycle of hardships. The beginning of this spring also marks the one year anniversary of quarantine, which has caused me to reflect on my own personal growth since March of last year. Looking back, I have definitely become more empathetic and understanding of others in a way I do not think I could have ever achieved without online learning. This long isolation has given me a lot of time to myself and allowed me to progress intrapersonally, realizing the things I want and working to get them. Overall, spring represents our inner growth as individuals and a society pushing through hard times.