Sustainable Packaging


Kailani Yamashiro , Staff Writer

Times are changing and we are seeing the damage that is happening to our earth over the years of neglect we have put it through. Plastic is a big no-no to use, but it’s become a norm in most of our lives. We especially see this in online packages, like Amazon with its white and blue bags or Shein with ziplock clear ones. These take anywhere between 20-500 years to break down depending on their structure and natural factors like the sun. Plastic can never decompose because it’s not natural; after years, it will turn into dust but never be fully gone. 

Just imagine: about 39.51 million people live in California; say they each buy something with plastic in the packaging each week, and there are roughly 52 weeks in a year. That would add up to 2,054,520,000 packages that either end up in the landfill or ocean. That is a ridiculously high number, but fortunately, we have amazing people who have taken this into account and have made new packaging that is less harmful to the earth. 

The phrase “eco-friendly” is widely searched by consumers, and sellers aim to meet this standard because about 37% of U.S. consumers prioritize sustainability and 30% are willing to pay extra if a company upholds sustainability. 

“Sustainable packaging will drop our carbon emissions of shipping materials drastically. Not only is sustainable packaging reducing the carbon dioxide we issue it is also diminishing the quantity of shipping materials we have to make. Overall, the world as we know it is becoming dependent on the process of virtual product consumption. Sustainable packaging is one way we as a society could reduce our carbon footprint,” said freshman Skye Escobedo, who was a president of a sustainability club in 8th grade.

Sustainable packaging is made out of 100% recycled or raw materials. A common package that is eco-friendly is cardboard; it’s sturdier than plastic and can be reused and recycled. 

Let’s look at an awesome company that’s rocking the sustainable look. 

Snact’s fruit bar is a new perspective on snack bars. The company uses not only the unwanted part of fruit—specifically the banana peel—but also worked with another company called Tipa to make 100% compostable packaging. 

Sustainability is the future for all things for future generations to live good healthy lives; this includes animals’ lives. Find more sustainable products with Green Dreamer and AgFunder


Graphic courtesy of PDA.COM