Madison Beer’s Album: ‘Life Support’


Brandon Chan, Staff Writer

Madison Beer’s debut album, Life Support, dropped at midnight on Feb. 26 after a year and a half in the making. It consists of 17 songs including “The Beginning”, “Good in Goodbye”, “Default”, “Follow The White Rabbit”, “Effortlessly”, “Stay Numb And Carry On”, “Blue”, “Interlude”, “Homesick”, “Selfish”, “Sour Times”, “BOYSH*T”, “Baby”, “Stained Glass”, “Emotional Bruises”, “Everything Happens For A Reason”, and “Channel Surfing/The End”. Of these songs, “Selfish” is currently doing the best in terms of streams and number of listeners. 

She discussed how some of these songs, such as “Selfish” and “Effortlessly”, came from emotional places which allowed her to pour all of her heart into her music. 

“‘Selfish’ was the first of the emotional, vulnerable songs, but then ‘Effortlessly’ was just a tough day. That day was pretty close [to] around the time that I was really suicidal and pretty much 5150’d,” said Beer in an interview with MTV. “I was just in a horrible place, and I remember I couldn’t even form a sentence. I just think back to that time, and… Sorry, I’m trying not to cry. It was a lot for me.”

While she has always been talented, her musical talent was often overlooked by the general public because of her stunning appearance on social media. Many people knew who she was for her looks, not her music. As a result, she began to post more music content on her Instagram. 

“For a long time I really did feel like people were [focused on my online presence, which] I didn’t value as much, and I feel like I was guilty of it,” said Beer in the same MTV interview. “I was the one feeding the beast of social media and growing my following, but that’s because I was hopeful that, one day, I would have a big enough following that I’d be able to push my music. So now I feel like it’s kind of paid off, and it’s great, but I feel like for a while it was a bit of a double-edged sword.”

Beer hopes for her album to allow people of all ages to be able to dance and sing to all of her songs. 

“I think that we live in a world that’s very fabricated,” Beer said in a SPIN interview. “And people don’t really show the real sides. And I hope that this gives people a little bit of insight into my life and tells my story the way that I wanted to.”

You can stream her album on Spotify or Apple Music.


Photo courtesy of MTV.COM