Link Crew Recruitment


Brandon Chan, Staff Writer

Link Crew Leadership is an on-campus organization that emphasizes all-inclusiveness within the AHS community and helps incoming freshmen transition from middle school to a more rigorous high school schedule. It is important for Link Crew Leaders to connect with freshmen students in order to give them a fantastic start for a memorable four-year experience at AHS.

“Link Crew helps students of all classes, especially incoming freshmen, integrate into the various pockets of community found throughout campus,” said Link Crew Secretary senior Devon Wong. “Each Link Leader works closely with a small group of freshmen to ensure that any helping advice is transferred to the freshman class and the classes thereafter.”

“Link Crew is great for the community because we are always there to help and make our school a better place,” said Link Leader junior Ashley Marrone. “We reach out to incoming freshmen and make sure they have a successful first year at Arcadia High School.”

In order to become a Link Crew Leader next year, you will need to attend the mandatory information meeting on Feb. 18 from 1:30 p.m. to 2:15 p.m. on Google Meet. The link for the meeting is on their Instagram page (@arcadialinkcrew). This information meeting will educate attendees on what values Link Crew prides themselves on and how they benefit the school community. The application you receive will be due on Mar. 5 at 11:59 p.m.

“I think we look for applicants who are willing to learn, communicate, try to the best of their abilities, and persevere,” said Link Leader senior Linda Zhang. “I would require that leaders respect authorities and their peers, know how to communicate effectively (including any problems that they need help with, because working/suffering alone silently will just worsen the problem), and have some past experience with leadership.”

“We’re looking for leaders that share the same passion and willingness to assist not only freshmen, but our community at Arcadia High,” said Outreach Team Captain senior Sophia Chan.

Some of the events Link Crew hosts include Homecoming Tailgate, Pi Day, freshman Family Feud, fundraisers selling a wide assortment of clothing items, the Cookies & Chill virtual baking event, special bingos for specific holidays such as the Halloween Bingo, and movie nights.

“Link Crew prides itself on guidance, model leadership, and resilience. We are generally the first upperclassmen, let alone high-schoolers that freshmen see when they enter Arcadia High School,” said Link Crew Treasurer senior Zachary Green. “Hence, it is important that we set the tone, not only as leaders, but as peers and fellow students.”

Not only does Link Crew foster lifelong friendships, it also prepares you for the real world by developing key leadership, communication, and organizational skills that will translate into any scenario.


Graphic courtesy of Link Crew