The Iconic Fashion in the Crown


Angela Chien, Staff Writer

Ever since the release of Season 4 of The Crown on Netflix, the show has been talked about nonstop. This season, depicting the days of Princess Diana and the struggle for power between Margaret Thatcher and Queen Elizabeth II, has garnered worldwide attention for its interpretation of the controversial era. However, another reason behind this season’s popularity is its fashion: reminiscent of the true vintage and iconic fashion of the Princess.

The Crown’s visit to the days of Princess Diana inspired nostalgia and sentimentality in their audience through the show’s costume design. For example, part of Princess Diana’s popularity was rooted in her casualness with a tinge of preppy fashion choices. In one episode, the princess, played by Emma Corrin, is wearing a yellow overall with a flora-embroidered jacket. This outfit closely resembled an outfit Princess Diana once wore to a polo match at Cowdray Park. The pastel yellow perfectly complemented the flora print, giving the princess a youthful and relatable look. In addition, the peter-pan collar atop the floral shirt contrasted the rough overalls with a drop of prestige and elegance. Yet, the contrast created an admirable balance as it made the princess look more approachable and “like the people,” earning her the label of “Sloane Ranger.” Supposedly, this had been one of Princess Diana’s favorite outfits as she had worn it to a fitting for Vogue

Then, there was the scene of Princess Di choosing her engagement ring, where she could be seen wearing a light blue vest over a pie-crust collared and frilly-sleeved blouse. The audience can almost see the glint in Corrin’s eyes as she lovingly admires her diamond and sapphire ring, which is shown later at the iconic engagement announcement. The pie-crust collars and the blue skirt-suit at the announcement draws parallel to Princess Diana’s silhouette during her time. In real life, she wore vibrant colored suits paired with a blouse underneath. Its collars peaked through, elongating the princess’s neck and emphasizing her class. 

Princess Diana is no stranger to her people, quite literally. Even after her departure from the royal family, she continued to be the apple in the eye of the public. Albeit not a fashion influencer, Princess Di’s fashion choices are still roaming the streets today. Athleisure looks, such as sweaters over biker shorts or pleated skirts under oversized sweaters to create a boxy look, are examples of Princess Diana’s impact. Her defiance against what a traditional princess should look like remains symbolic and exemplary, as her heart and dedication to her people also were.


Photo courtesy of HARPERSBAZAAR.COM