Winter Holiday Activities


Brandon Chan, Staff Writer

This jolly time of year is typically the best due to the joy and cheer of the holiday spirit. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic and quarantine, Christmas and New Year’s festivities may look a little different. Public gatherings outside will be limited depending on where you live. Even during this unfortunate period, there will still certainly be plenty of ways to celebrate this holiday season. 

A classic Christmas activity that everyone enjoys is going to a random lot to buy a Christmas tree with your family. Pick out the best looking Christmas tree; many lots usually have a good range of options from Nordmann firs to noble firs. Nordmann firs are usually fuller and have thicker branches. Noble firs are a more bluish-green color and have softer needles and branches which may make it more difficult to hang heavy ornaments. After you pick out a Christmas tree and buy a stand to place it in your house. The best part of the Christmas tree buying process is when you decorate your tree with meaningful ornaments that remind you of the great memories you’ve made over the years. 

“Every year, my family makes it a priority for all four of us to buy a good looking Christmas tree,” said senior Emme Chen. “This tradition is incredibly important and fun. I love opening up putting lights on the tree and opening up the ornament boxes which contain some of my favorites.” 

Another fun activity people can safely participate in is watching Christmas movies with a cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows and popcorn in hand. Some great Christmas movies that should be at the top of every recommendation list are Charlie Brown Christmas, It’s a Wonderful Life, Love Actually, The Grinch, and The Nightmare Before Christmas.

“The Night Before Christmas is a movie my family and I watch during the holiday season,” said senior Zachary Green. “The plot with Jack Skellington trying to steal Christmas is very interesting to say the least.”

As for New Year’s celebrations, watching the New Year’s Eve Times Square ball drop on television while holding a glass of apple cider is always a fun experience. 

“I honestly like celebrating New Year’s better than Christmas because I feel as if it’s the start of something new and better,” said junior Johnathan Liu. “Hopefully 2021 has something good in store for me.”

No matter how you’re celebrating the holidays this December, make sure to stay safe and healthy.


Photo courtesy of USNEWS.COM