Hopes for Second Semester


Bryan Lim, Staff Writer

With the end of the first semester upon us, it is no surprise that most students are thinking about how next semester will go. Will it be the same as first semester or will it be different? No one can be sure; however, students offered some insight into what they hope second semester will be like, as well as how they are feeling about the next semester. 

“Next semester, I hope to maintain and improve on myself. Better grades, new memories with friends, and keeping a good mental state are my top three priorities going into this second half of the school year. Coming into this second half of the school year, I’m super nervous. Due to last year, I haven’t gone through finals season or had a proper end of the year at AHS, so it feels like totally uncharted territory for me!” sophomore Kevin Wu said. 

COVID-19 has definitely taken an impact on student’s opinions when it comes to the next semester.

“To be honest, I feel kind of neutral towards the new semester and leaning away from optimism. It’s mostly because of the fact that the second semester is most likely going to be the exact same as this semester. I’m not really looking forward to anything towards the new semester, except for the fact that I just want to keep my grades the way they are. Or hopefully getting better grades for school. In general, I don’t really care about the new semester except that it’s just going to mean more school,” freshman Ghael Minguez said. 

Ghael is one of many students who have a neutral outlook on this upcoming semester. Grades are continuing to be a priority despite many feelings of ambivalence.

“In my opinion, I’m hoping that I can still maintain my good grades for the next semester. I also really want to enjoy the new semester as this is still a new experience for me and most likely for other people as well. Overall, I just really wanna have a good and fun time! For the second semester, I both feel excited and nervous because of life in general mostly from COVID-19. Though irrelevant, I also kind of feel nervous because of just thinking about college. Even though I won’t have to worry about it until a while,” freshman Yuna Ko said. 

All in all, many students’ opinions towards the next semester seems to be quite varied as students have many different opinions and feelings towards it. But what we do know is that there are going to be more Zoom calls and/or Google Meets in the near future.


Photo courtesy of PINTEREST.COM