Jake Paul Thrashes Former NBA Guard Nate Robinson


Siddharth Karthikeya, Staff Writer

Recently, the sport of boxing introduced a new type of competitor who is doing wonders to help keep alive a dying sport… Internet personalities.

On Nov. 30, social media personality Jake Paul proved he wasn’t just an entertainer, but a worthy boxer as well. Knocking out former NBA guard Nate Robinson in only the second round, Paul definitely made a statement. 

“I want to show the world I’m a world class athlete,” said former NBA guard Nate Robinson after challenging Jake Paul to a boxing match.

After being called out by Robinson on Twitter, Paul was quick to accept the proposal and soon a date was fixed. Although there was no real hatred between the two, Robinson made it clear that he wanted to prove himself as a “world-class athlete.” But unfortunately for Robinson, he did quite the opposite. 

With the anxious bouncing in his footwork, you could tell that it was his first time fighting. The commentators were quick to notice Robinson’s poor form as well. He would rush at Paul with blundering tempo and swing wildly unlike any seasoned boxer. 

On the other hand, his opponent, Paul, was calm and composed. Waiting for Robinson to rush, Paul would glance away from his blows while countering with solid shots of his own.

And as the fight droned on through the first round, it was obvious that it was only a matter of time before Paul caught Robinson with his vicious counterpunch and ended things for good. 

To spice up this rather predictable fight between Paul, who knew what he was doing, and Robinson, who had no clue how to box, came the commentary of rap legend Snoop Dogg.

Exclaiming wildly at every little moment and bringing his energy into the commentary booth, Snoop Dogg made what was frankly a dull match with an easily foreseeable outcome interesting. Soon after the match, comments flowed in on his take on the fight. Many found his reaction to be hilarious and voiced their appreciation for his narration.

But Snoop Dogg wasn’t the only thing memorable that night.

As Robinson ran back and forth at Paul, the whole first round seemed to go by like a long game of cat and mouse. But mere minutes into the second round, Paul had had enough. Catching Robinson with several blows as Robinson attempted to charge him, Paul managed to knock him down hard. 

Stumbling to gather himself, Robinson pulled himself back onto his feet with great difficulty. Obviously overmatched, everyone waited silently for the finishing blow. Charging again, not having learned from the past, Robinson flew right into a knockout punch that laid him out flat on his stomach.

In only the second round, Jake Paul emerged victorious, leaving Robinson in pieces.