Thank You, Understanding

Amanda Chang, Staff Writer

This November I am more thankful for what I could take for grantedmy family, home, possessions, food, pets, and tons moredue to the circumstances and consequences of the pandemic we all face. But one of the things I am most thankful for is understanding.

I am thankful for understanding others, for them understanding me, and for people understanding each other.

When I am understanding of my siblings when they are annoying or destroy something of mine, I will not have to be angry at them because I can forgive. If I can understand what they are going through just as I went through the same things, then I will not think that they are being immature or are not capable of completing their task or doing things well. When I see people at school who are sitting by themselves, I can be compassionate and think about what they may be feeling and try to help or befriend them. If I pass people on the street who do not act the same way I do or are not dressed the way I think people should be, I will not judge them just because they are different from me.

Understanding others results in forgiveness, compassion, and acceptance.

Sometimes, I get stressed or unhappy and act out, but my family is understanding of me and helps me sort myself out and comforts me when I need it. My friends are accepting of me and my quirks, and also share a lot of the same interests, which help us to connect and get each other. When I make mistakes in front of my teachers and peers, they don’t judge me and help me to know how to improve.

When people understand me and I feel understood, it results in comfort, friendship, and I feel less embarrassed to be imperfect.

Many people in the world are one-sided or biasedthey favor something and cannot be swayed to change their minds. But this does not mean that they cannot be understanding of how the other side feels. It does not mean that they cannot make peace with their opponents even as they disagree. It does not mean they are allowed to be harsh or judgemental. When they win their argument, they do not brag to the loser because they can put themselves in the losers’ shoes. They feel proud of their accomplishment and are humble at the same time.

Understanding each other results in peace, thoughtfulness, and humility.

In this country, especially this year and during this time, we need to be understanding of one another. When you see someone struggling, put yourself in their place; whether the person you voted for won or lost, accept the results and be compassionate toward the other party; if someone does something wrong to you, forgive them. We all need more compassion, acceptance, peace, and humility in our lives. We all need more understanding.