Thank You, Mom

Brandon Chan, Staff Writer

Dear Mom,

I am incredibly thankful for all that you do for me. I know it sounds cliche, but I really don’t know what I would do without you. You make my life so much easier and much more fun. It’s always a blast being around you because your joyous energy is so infectious. When I see you walk through the door coming home from work, my day instantly gets better. There are countless things I’m so appreciative of you for, and I’ll try to include them all.

Some of my favorite moments with you have come when we’re in the kitchen together. Whether we’re baking cookies, chocolate chip banana bread, lemon donuts, pretzels, etc., it’s always a time of relaxation and laughter. You may not think so, but I truly wish I could spend more time in the kitchen with you because those times create the best life-long memories. Sometimes, it’s fun to watch us mess up because the food seems to have even more flavor.

Furthermore, while I’m on the topic of food, thank you for cooking numerous dinners every week for Ashley and me. I know it’s a stressful job being in the kitchen, but you make it look so easy. Not to mention, your food tastes amazing as well, my favorite being the shrimp pasta I always ask you to make. On days when you don’t work, you manage to get up early enough to cook my favorite blueberry pancakes which definitely brings me out of my grumpy, morning mood.

As for the academic side of things, you always make sure I’m on time and wide awake for class because sometimes I can sleep through my alarm (happens every other morning). Without you I might have approximately 20 tardies instead of only three.

Additionally, I’m grateful that you always worry about what I have due in the upcoming weeks because it shows you care. When I ask you to read over my essay one time for clarity, you do it without complaining even if I’ve been a little brat the whole day (and I’ll admit, your editing skills are pretty good). When I don’t get that great of a score on a test, instead of bringing me down you just tell me to study harder and look forward to the next test since there is nothing I can do about it. For that I’m extremely thankful. This is similar to when I played basketball and soccer. You always reminded me to put forth my best effort every game, win, lose, or draw.

Once again, I love you lots, and I couldn’t live without you. I’m truly thankful for you.