What Motivates Students In Quarantine?


Chloe Wong, Staff Writer

Without the relief of lunchtime, hallway chatter, and long talks with your friends, distance learning can make schoolwork feel like a challenging and pointless waste of time. Before the pandemic, part of the reason why going to school could be fun was for all the reasons that didn’t have to do with academics—like making friends or exploring a new campus. 

Now, it’s unsurprising that some students are struggling to find the motivation to complete homework and study for tests, no doubt because of the somewhat jarring online format. And while spending all day in front of a computer screen is understandably draining, it’s as critical for high schoolers to keep their grades up as it was before the pandemic. So how are students at AHS staying motivated during this time of isolation? 

“I don’t think I’ve ever considered dropping out of online school or anything, and so I don’t have to convince myself [to work]. I struggle more with starting my work, and that motivation comes from due dates and the threat that this will affect my grades and future resume,” said freshman Jemimah Song. 

“My motivation to keep doing well in school is the satisfaction of being productive when at home,” said freshman Farrah Chan. “I’m motivated by what is to come in the future because I want to be able to accomplish my goals and dreams, like getting into a good college when I’m older.” 

Farrah also cited outside pressure, such as her parents’ expectations, as reasons for her to perform well in high school. 

Between a hectic election, a global pandemic, and civil unrest in the streets, online school may seem like a nonessential. But as easy as it might be to focus on other things, students should still find incentives to stay in good academic standing. That doesn’t mean that it’s necessary to devote all your time to homework or studying; it just means to do what you can to help yourself in a year that feels so terribly out of control. 


Graphic courtesy of NYTIMES.COM