Thank You, Ms. Doring

Catherine Chan and Pamina Yung

Ms. Doring has guided numerous students this school year in ninth and tenth grade English and continues to do an incredible job teaching.

She always assures that every student who raises their hand gets the opportunity to share their answer with the class, leaving no one feeling unnoticed or excluded. Ms. Doring embraces the abundance of ideas students have to share. While she notices the wave of hands raised on her Google Meet each class during an open discussion, she carefully remembers to include all students. Without a shadow of a doubt, Ms. Doring brings a sense of exhilaration to her scholars, each with intriguing ideas and eagerly waiting to be validated by her commentary, which is always thoughtful and flows smoothly onto the next topic.

Acknowledging that her availability outside schooltime is hindered by online learning due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Ms. Doring welcomes students to visit her on Google Meets during her office hours, aiming to clear any misconceptions or confusion regarding her syllabus or assignment instructions. Judgment or harsh criticism are never concerns when asking Ms. Doring a question. She is always compassionate and answers her students’ questions with an explanation to deepen their understanding.

In consideration of these issues and struggles students may be facing because of virtual classes, Ms. Doring provides her periods with enough time to complete assignments, write essays, read chapters, and prepare for in-class paragraph composition tests. She also enhances learning experiences by correlating literature students have read in the past during freshman year to current texts they’re analyzing. Her empathy surpasses the means of being a considerate teacher, garnering a sense of trust within each one of her students. If students have not yet fully grasped the material at hand, Ms. Doring will always help clarify it and genuinely help her pupils learn better. Her additional jokes to certain comments from the class allow students to let their guard down and feel at ease. Ms. Doring brings a guaranteed sense of freshness each day.

At the start of each period, Ms. Doring briefly reviews the agenda for the day and the homework for the week, taking questions afterward. Her intelligibility when assigning work is superb and she puts consistent effort into confirming that all students thoroughly understand what is to be covered that day and what is expected to be completed by the next meeting. She goes into different breakout rooms to check up on students and respond to any questions they may have. Ms. Doring gives excellent constructive feedback during class and when grading assignments. Her insightful suggestions deepen her students’ comprehension of the studied material and improve their writing skills with each assignment.

Ms. Doring is a wonderful teacher who never fails to create a delightful ambiance in the classroom and makes it exciting to start each day in her class. All the support she provides for each of her students is greatly appreciated.