Advanced Theatre Production During COVID-19


Audrey Sioeng and Chloe Wong

Update: Congratulations to the cast and crew of Arcadia Stage Theatre Company at Arcadia High School. They competed in the virtual DTASC Theatre Festival and RANKED FIRST overall all schools competing in Southern CA. This is a true accomplishment for all their students as they had to overcome obstacles working from home during this pandemic.

Around 80 schools throughout Southern California compete in various categories- Technical Theatre designs, Monologues, Comedic and Dramatic Scenes, and musical theatre.  Students were required to compile the entire show selected for each of the 10 categories into 8 minute performances.

Here is a clip from the musical Waitress, sung acapella- students performed all the vocals and edited their scene together.

Click on the link to watch the 8 minute musical- it’s amazing.

Waitress- The Musical Performance

Here are some other achievement:

1st place in Graphics and Publicity, Large Group Drama, and Overall Sweepstakes

2nd place in Musical

3rd place in  Public Domain and Student Original

Honorable Mention in Sets and Lights, Costumes and Makeup, Monologue 1, Monologue 2, and Large Group Comedy

Don’t miss out on their final week of their virtual fall play-Stefanie Hero performed on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at 7pm. Tickets can be purchased at


Every semester, the AHS Advanced Theatre program brings a story or play to life in the Performing Arts Center (PAC) that never fails to blow the student body away. In the past, Arcadia Stage has presented classics such as The Giver, Les Miserables, and Beauty and the Beast; this fall season is no different. From Nov. 12 to 21, our talented Arcadian performers will be putting on Stefanie Hero. Each performance will air at 7:00 p.m. on the scheduled dates —but this year, students have participated with a distance-learning twist.

Among the many losses of a pandemic-defined school year, students across the country no longer have the chance to participate in a biannual tradition—the end-of-semester play. But that hasn’t stopped Arcadia Stage from turning misfortune into opportunity and moving the theatre program entirely online. Although we were all extremely disappointed to not be able to watch Newsies this past spring, this amazing program has pushed past the limitations of distance learning and has managed to put together an impressive schedule for the semester. 

During a normal school year, advanced theatre students would usually perfect their performances during class and after-school practices. Behind the scenes, the AHS Stagecraft program would work to create detailed props, elaborate setpieces, and gorgeous lighting. But this year, things are a little different: students have filmed their performances for Stefanie Hero entirely on green screen. Each clip has been edited together to create a full-length play. 

“I’m so excited to finally be working on a theatrical production with our advanced theatre students – even if it’s from home,” Arcadia Stage’s Artistic Director Steven Volpe said. “As artists, we are asked to live truthfully in imaginary circumstances. Therefore, it makes no difference what venue we perform in.”  

In addition to working on Stefanie Hero, Arcadia Stage also entered the DTASC Fall Festival, a competition where drama departments across Southern California competed in various divisions such as set, graphics, lighting, costumes, and monologues. For instance, the Stagecraft class sketched costumes to enter in the Costume division, and while junior Miranda Romero admitted that she was “kind of bummed” about not being able to compete in person “to see everyone’s costumes and acting scenes,” she was overall very grateful for the virtual competition.

Students were also able to present comedic and dramatic scenes, including The Wolves and The Tarantino Variation. All division results for the competition will be announced Nov. 15. 

All in all, Arcadia Stage has been extremely perseverant in these uncertain times and continues to inspire by pushing through the pandemic’s obstacles. As such, it’s important to support Arcadia Stage in all of these endeavors by purchasing tickets for the upcoming Stefanie Hero!

Stefanie Hero is a fantastic play for all ages that follows a young Princess Stefanie. When the King and Queen decide to abdicate their child-rearing responsibilities, it’s up to Stefanie to take care of the royal family. Her adventures involve clashes with an evil sorcerer, a dragon, magic spells, and a mysterious knight. Tickets are available online at Single tickets cost $10, while a family package is $30.


Graphic courtesy of ARCADIA STAGE