Dodgers Move on to the World Series


Madison Yee, Staff Writer

Coming in with close scores, the Dodgers barely made it through to the 2020 World Series, which is what all Los Angeles fans have been anticipating throughout the past seven games. Even though the pandemic is still present, that has not stopped the major league baseball teams from competing in the National League, before eventually arriving at the World Series. Nevertheless, this will be the first neutral-site World Series taking place at the Texas Rangers’ Globe Life Field, so it is definitely going to be a game that will change history and one that everyone will need to watch. The American League is being represented by the Tampa Bay Rays who are up against the Los Angeles Dodgers of the National League, which are both teams who hold the best regular-season records.

In essence, the world-renowned Dodgers have returned for their third World Series after four seasons, which is a major event in the baseball world considering that it is the 63rd time in major league history that any team has gone to the World Series three times in four years. If they are able to finish and win successfully, it will be a long awaited victory that alludes to their last win in 1988. After previous devastating defeats and joyous accomplishments, fans have been anxious to see what will happen next. 

The past is in the past. This one feels super special because it is in front of us and it is happening. I am not going to take anything away from the other two, but this one is extremely special; we were able to stay COVID-free throughout the whole season,” stated Enrique Hernandez, Dodgers infielder.

During their last game at the National League against the Atlanta Braves, the team thankfully came in first after being far behind in the first innings, shocking fans. In the beginning, they started at the loss of 3-1 but were later able to move on with a streak of consecutive wins. 

“It has been a crazy roller coaster of a season especially with the NLCS… to be able to successfully come back and now have a chance to bring that trophy to LA is crazy, and I am so pumped to get it started,” said junior Kaitlin Tom.

On the roster, there are many great players involved in the Series for the LA Dodgers including Clayton Kershaw who has many awards, a 2.43 ERA, and has been titled as one of the best pitchers seen. Also expect to see outfielder Cody Bellinger whose game 7 home run landed a big comeback of a 4-3 scoring win, as well as multiple others. 

“We’re still going to the World Series, and I’m just really happy for everybody because it took from the first player on the roster to the 28th player… the goal wasn’t to get to the World Series—the goal is to win the World Series,” exclaimed Kiké Hernández, also known as the legend that tied a home run against the Braves with an eight-pitch at bat in the sixth inning.

As for the Rays, this is their second time in franchise history since 2008. New Rays recruitments, like outfielder Randy Arozarena from the St. Louis Cardinals along with many other baseball stars on the Tampa Bay Rays team, have stirred up some drama and controversy. Arozarena started the beginning of the season conflicted by a positive COVID-19 test, but later was able to get past it, subsequently hitting seven home runs in the month of September and hitting fourteen runs scored. As a record for a rookie, he has hit seven postseason home runs overall. 

Payrolls don’t decide the standings, and we see evidence of that every year. And I think having a really deep and talented roster, regardless of what your payroll is, is the key to winning games, and that’s what they have,” announced Andrew Friedman, Dodgers’ President of Baseball Operations, in response to the Rays. 

As of Oct. 21, the Dodgers hold a lead against the Rays of 1-0.

While this puts loads of pressure on both opposing teams, fans are going to be cheering in the stands and at home. With two best record teams going head to head, currently, true-blue supporters in the baseball community are counting on the Los Angeles Dodgers to win the World Series and to set records in history. Be ready for an emotion heightened, close game this year. 


Photo courtesy of LATIMES.COM