Urban Life

Urban life. The sight of crowds of people, walking alongside one another. The honking of cars, motorcycles, and even bicycle bells. And finally, the flashing lights from the neon signs that surround the skyscrapers during the day and from the twinkling star-like city at night. We have all experienced the inviting, bustling environment that the city life brings. Though we are all unable to see and experience the same scenes we have taken for granted, these five pictures and blurbs are guaranteed to bring a little sense of normalcy we crave and a hope for a better tomorrow.

 Lilian Chong – The street life is the life where cars and pedestrians never fail to suppress the silence of the busiest, bustling cities. Take Manhattan, for instance, New York City’s busiest borough illuminates with light during the day and night. But as we observe closer to the components of what exactly a city comprises, we instantly recognize that a city thrives when the Metro buses stop by to scoop up its desperate passengers or when we see the usual traffic on every street of Los Angeles. However, the recency with an ongoing epidemic has utterly changed New York City into the city that sleeps soundly. Los Angeles’ infrastructures vividly lighten the gloomiest nights; however, the city has been empty with darkness and utter silence for the past several months. Well, at least for now, the busiest, bustling streets can finally rest and sleep soundly.

 Janell Wang – Before we went on lockdown, walking through the streets and going around busy places was not a problem. There would always be crowds of people going about their daily lives. Cities were the centers of urban life. This was something that I took for granted. I especially realized this after being stuck at home for six months and being unable for the most part go anywhere. While I have not been able to go to many places, there’s something about the buzz of city life that’s very interesting. I hope that one day I can visit such busy places again.

 Kailani Yamashiro When you think of urban you probably imagine Urban Outfitters, but to me urban defines a community and the architecture. I believe that buildings have stories and meanings behind them sort of like reading between the lines of a town and seeing the beauty. Street life is the people who make the community alive.  We all know of the famous cities like LA, New York, and Seattle, but that doesn’t mean the smaller towns don’t have the beauty or street life we usually see. With all the craziness going on today we don’t have the luxury of going out and about, so we turn to movies or pictures to give us a piece of normalcy we so crave. You sort of  stop and think about how things used to be but how they are now when you travel outside your bubble. It’s all so unsure, but so is everything, and I think that ties into urban and street life of a town since everything and everyone are unalike.

 Madison Yee – Throughout my life, I have always been exposed to the excitement that comes with urban street life. Whenever traveling or exploring outside of the local community, I would look around and see the crowds of people and expressions of art displayed. From observing the busy world of Los Angeles, New York, Japan, and Seattle I have noticed the lively emotions that everyone experiences from being there. The fascinating thing about street life is that everywhere you go, different ways of exhibiting culture are let out for the world to feel a connection to. It is an outlet where you can show who you are while coming together in a group of acceptance. I think that it is especially sad that the pandemic has limited our abilities to go out and see this amazing side of society. Looking back at these photos of old memories and areas full of unique ideas, it makes me realize how this pandemic has changed the ways and opportunities that we can express ourselves. 

 Pamina Yung – When I picture urban life, I imagine a bustling city with crowds of people walking up and down streets bordered with tall, prism buildings. Places that I’ve been to that fit this description are Seattle, Times Square, San Francisco, Hong Kong, and Seoul, South Korea. During the day, the sunlight beams blindingly off of skyscraper windows. At night, neon signs and red and white headlights illuminate the streets. From a higher vantage point, each of the lights on the streets and from inside the buildings makes the city glitter. The view is so fascinating and feeds my inner night owl.