Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s Confirmation Hearings


Brandon Chan, Staff Writer

After Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s unfortunate passing on Sept. 18, President Donald Trump quickly nominated Judge Amy Coney Barrett, a federal appeals judge, to be an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court. In recent weeks, President Trump’s nomination of Barrett has been met with disdain from the Democratic party. Many in that party believe that President Trump is moving too fast trying to fill that vacant seat in the Supreme Court to give the Republicans more power and say in court decisions (6-3 conservative majority). 

Judge Barrett, born on Jan. 28, 1972, already has an extremely accomplished resume. She was a top student at Notre Dame Law School before returning to her alma mater to become a distinguished law professor. At Notre Dame, she taught federal courts, constitutional law, and statutory interpretation. While she is undoubtedly intelligent, her political views and ideals may irk some. She is a devout Catholic, argues that the government can only prohibit individuals shown to be dangerous from possessing guns, and is likely to put the Affordable Care Act of 2017 in danger because of her views on healthcare. On the important topic of abortion, she believes that there should be strict limits on abortion rights for women. 

“I think the question of whether people can get very late-term abortions, you know, how many restrictions can be put on clinics—I think that would change,” Barrett said in 2016. 

“You don’t know her view on Roe v. Wade. You don’t know her view,” President Trump said, declining to give a straightforward answer in the first presidential debate on behalf of Barrett. 

As for her confirmation hearing on the third week of October, it went relatively smoothly, spanning four days. With six of her children and husband watching proudly from the seats behind her, she demonstrated the brilliance that made her a top student at the University of Notre Dame. However, she was dodging questions here and there, not wanting to give a direct answer on controversial topics such as climate change.

“I don’t think I’m competent to opine on what causes global warming or not,” she said on the topic of climate change. 

This angered many Democrats, including Senator Kamala Harris, who believe climate change to be real and a pressing global issue that needs to be addressed immediately.

Judge Barrett was dodging numerous questions due to the fact of not wanting to give a controversial opinion on crucial topics such as abortion and LGBT rights until she was officially nominated. 

Although she was purposely avoiding questions during her confirmation hearing, many Republicans still view Judge Barrett with high regard, citing how she adopted two children from Haiti.

“I have never met a more amazing human being in my life,” said Senator Lindsey Graham. 

Politics will always be divisive in the United States, and this confirmation hearing just reinforces that feeling.


Photo courtesy of NYPOST.COM