Prom Committee


Janell Wang, Staff Writer

Prom is arguably one of the biggest and most important events in high school. It is only available to juniors and seniors, with the exception of invited freshmen and sophomores. Such an important event is handled by the prom committee and overseen by the sophomore ASB council. This is  exclusive to sophomores who work hard to ensure a wondrous experience for the upperclassmen. The biggest question that prom committee faces is what will happen now that the pandemic is in play.

Prom committee is split up into four sub-committees, each tasked with their own duties and responsibilities. There is traditional advertising, digital advertising, fundraising, and upperclassmen liaison. Traditional advertising is what it sounds like, they handle creating physical posters to advertise for prom. Likewise, digital advertising is in charge of publicizing through video teasers, digital prom posters, etc.

Fundraising plans out multiple fundraisers and other ways to earn enough money to host prom. The total estimated amount needed is around $3,000. With the current pandemic, they will need to employ more creative ways to raise funds. Lastly, the upperclassmen liaison ensures that upperclassmen’s opinions are acknowledged and incorporated in the planning of prom. They also distribute prom invites, gifts, and handle prom royalty.

Most of the work will be done in the second semester, as members of the committee will be required to spend hours after school dedicated to working on the prom. As of now, prom committee is hoping that the pandemic situation will improve by the time the second semester rolls around.

ASB Treasurer sophomore Phoebe Wang stated that there have “been modifications like meetings over Zoom and some limits on what we can do but we’re definitely still trying to think positive about it.”

In the event that the pandemic doesn’t improve by the second semester, prom will, unfortunately, have to be canceled for the year.


Photo courtesy of SHUTTERSTOCK.COM