Sunrises and Sunsets

To each and every one of us, sunrises and sunsets represent something unique. Some see sunrises and sunsets as a beginning and end to the day, while others see it as a sign of hope and a promise to be back tomorrow. Sunrises light up the sky and everything else in its path while the vivid sunsets say goodbye temporarily until a new dawn. In this article, read all about what sunsets and sunrises symbolize to seven different people.

Lilian Chong We often describe our sun as a large, orange, or sometimes yellow ball of heat that always radiates the warmth and light  in our days. But in metaphorical terms, our sun brings happiness, joy,  and life to every being on this planet. When the sun sets, we acknowledge that our day is coming to an end as the night silences the laughter and joy on the beach or a neighbor’s lawn, where the boisterous children dance and play. Sunsets are the beauty of nature. The color palette of  a sunset comprises of little hints of blue and purple, along with a splash of deep orange, light pink, and faded yellow. If we can’t enjoy the beauty of sunsets through our naked eyes, we can imagine it and draw it out as if the live image has turned into a still work of art. We can see sunsets in different locations, from beaches and mountains to deserts and plains. It’s beautiful how sunsets can make us feel warm, comfortable, and happy even from a far distance!

Nicholas Chhay Sunsets mark my favorite time of the day…. night time. When the sun finally  sets, the night comes to take away all light and only leaves the moon  and the stars to light up the sky. The picture that I took of  the sunset was when the clouds  were changing color as the sun set, marking the end of the day. The sky looked extremely beautiful during this time of the day.

Logan Johnson Sunsets are a beautiful way to end  the day. When the sun is finally setting, the sky changes into a combination of colors (but every evening is never the same). Sometimes the sky turns from blue to a dark yellow  and slightly fades to a lighter yellow. Other times, the sky is a dark pink with orange mixed in between. You never truly know what you’ll get out of a sunset until it finally happens. However, with the recent event of the Bobcat fire, the air pollution isn’t the best and has affected the sunsets we are so used to getting. Instead of bright and vibrant colors, we get a hint of pink mixed in with the sky blue; almost like a cotton candy color. This goes to show how much the air quality affects our beautiful sunsets and that we need to keep the air quality clean if we want to continue having them.

Sofía Nagy – Sunsets… the sun sets. The sun can set infinite scenes, set off every feeling. Its presence, its absence, its color, its plainness. The sun means something different to each of us in every occasion. The sun is beyond Earth, but its light shines in my little world.

Janell Wang –      To me, sunsets represent the end of  day and the beginning of night. Sunsets can be very beautiful to look at. It decorates the sky in hues of purple, pink, orange, blue, and red that make it  look ethereal. But even after the sun sets and night comes  out, the sky shows a different kind of beauty. I personally love to look at the moon and stars as much as I enjoy sunsets.

Madison Yee – Personally, sunsets are important to me  because they represent the  ending to each day. This gives me a reminder to stay grateful and to live the most out of  every moment with no regrets. As sunsets radiate  lively colors that fill the sky, I find that it  gives me a time of peace while showing everyone in the world the sky in its natural beauty.

Pamina Yung Sunsets are a beauty that can’t be seen any other time of day. It’s so serene seeing the sun go down and feel its gleaming rays shine on my face. The   light turns the sky and clouds into vibrant shades of red, pink, orange, and yellow. Sunsets are also the beginning of the night and call out all the stars in the sky. Just watching the sun wane makes my whole day better.