AHS Welcomes Football Coach Antyone Sims


Brandon Chan, Staff Writer

At AHS, there is a new face of the football program: Mr. Antyone Sims. He is a very passionate leader on the field and a loving husband and father at home to his two beautiful girls, Sidney and Savannah. Mr. Sims is a very family-oriented man, enjoys spending time with his friends, grilling, and playing golf. 

Growing up, Coach Sims was a natural athlete and really loved the game of football at a young age. He says he was blessed with great coaches during his youth and high school years which propelled him to want to do the same and help coach football players to become the best athletes and best men they can be. Like every youngster, he loved following the NFL, and he instantly became an Indianapolis Colts fan because of Hall of Fame running back Marshall Faulk.  

On the football field as a coach, Coach Sims describes his leadership style as “democratic,” meaning he has an “open door policy” with his fellow coaches and players. This tends to lead to better team comradery and a better relationship with his team. Moreover, this democratic leadership style allows him to have productive and expanded conversations about game planning before and during the game, leading to more wins and better in-game adjustments. Likewise, he wants his players “to have an open mind” and “a willingness to work-hard in the classroom and on the field.” He emphasizes that being a football player also means being a great man off the field in the community. 

For this upcoming season, since the coronavirus pandemic has hit sports hard all around the world this year, he has implemented a virtual offseason program utilizing Google Meet to check in with his fellow coaches and players. These weekly Google Meet meetings “consist of installing offensive and defensive schemes.” He also plans to implement workout schedules so his players can stay in shape for whenever the season comes around this year. This is the beginning of the hardworking program he is trying to build here at AHS.  

Coach Sims believes that this team’s greatest strength will be in the trenches with the offensive and defensive lines. The upcoming Varsity team will have many underclassmen, but Coach Sims believes that “the sky’s the limit.” For the near future, he hopes to return AHS to the forefront of the Pacific League and re-establish dominance to “consistently compete as a premiere program in the San Gabriel Valley.” Lastly, his definition of success is “building a program that represents the best of Arcadia; academically and athletically” and hopes to be a great influence to these high school football players into community leaders. 

We are happy to have you as the head football coach of AHS! Good luck this season!