How the Coronavirus is Affecting Apache Events


Emily Banuelos and Pamina Yung

AHS activities, like Sadies, were recently postponed due to the school being closed because of concerns surrounding the recent coronavirus disease, also known as COVID-19. Numerous students were personally impacted by the shutdown of school. Sports seasons were postponed as well as their upcoming competitions. The annual track Arcadia Invitational was canceled this year, which upset many seniors especially since it would have been their last time attending the event. The virus has not only affected sports teams but academic teams and clubs as well. All extracurriculars were postponed until further notice.

Freshman Kylin Wu, a member of AHS’ marching band, was disappointed that the band’s upcoming concerts and competitions were canceled. She said, “This is certainly a sad moment, because we worked really hard for the past few months, and how our hard work isn’t paying off. However, I truly hope all of the AHS students can stay safe.” Kylin also mentioned that the disruption of upcoming events would be especially disheartening for the percussion group since they had important performances scheduled.

Freshman Anvitha Marlapati commented, “Arcadia’s Speech and Debate Team had to cancel their State Tournament.” She was saddened about the cancellation, stating, “After the amount of hard work every single person has put in, we have been looking forward to attending the State Championships. But due to the increased amount of disastrous results with the COVID-19, this event, unfortunately, got canceled. It is with heavy hearts the Speech and Debate members hope this virus clears out and everything returns back to normal.”

Sophomore Varsity Softball Player Jasmine Adhoot said, “I’m kind of bummed about season stopping just because the team has been working since the beginning of the school year, and our team has so much potential that we didn’t get to see live out, especially in league against our rivals CV.”

The school decided to further continue students’ education online until everyone is allowed to return again. Students will have to check daily for assignments posted on Google Classroom and their emails, depending on how their teacher is communicating with them. Although the homework is optional, completing the work is highly encouraged. 

In addition, the LA Mayor, Eric Garcetti, has released a new statement regarding the coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, and actions one can take to prevent it, such as practicing social distancing and not going to public places. Garcetti also states, “We will now prohibit on-sight food, but permit for delivery, takeout and drive through” with the hopes that this action will prevent the spread of germs and harmful bacteria. There is going to be a temporary shutdown of public places but water, gas, and power will stay on and people will not lose their homes because they cannot make rent.

According to an article published on Mar. 18 by The LA Times, Arcadia had two confirmed case. The page declined the specification of whether any of the cases it listed were caused by community transmission or travel. The newspaper said that it released this list of cases in LA County due to requests from cities asking for this information. 

The coronavirus was discovered in December 2019 and is now a new pandemic. It may seem terrifying, but the disease can be prevented through proper hand hygiene, coughing and sneezing into your elbow, avoiding touching your face, avoiding crowds and close contact with others, and keeping up with the news and recent information. 


Graphic Courtesy of PALMSPRINGSCA.GOV