How to Personalize Your Spotify

Caitlin Wang, Staff Writer

Aesthetic and personalized music playlists have grown in popularity amongst our generation. All over the Internet and over social media, people take photos of eye-pleasing playlist covers filled with nostalgic music. Of course, music is open-ended and has all sorts of genres. Here is a guide on how to personalize your Spotify to add more of your own taste to your library of music.
Surprisingly, many people do not know that Spotify is like Instagram, with followers and personalized profiles. Your friends can follow your Spotify account and your playlists; they can flip through your songs in the same way they scroll through your Instagram photos. An easy way to discover your friends on Spotify is by connecting your Facebook account. A list of recommended people your’re friends with on Facebook can be helpful. This way, you will be able to have your own music-sharing platform. Typically, connecting your Facebook to your Spotify creates a username and profile photo, which is convenient. However, you can always choose to adjust privacy settings for your account.
If you use Spotify on a laptop, you can import photos onto your personalized playlists. This way, your playlist covers can match your vibes or be your own photos. For my own Spotify account, I have attached photos of myself and friends to feel more connected to my music. This way, photos of random artists in your playlists will not be your playlist cover photo. You can take photos off of Pinterest and make them your Spotify covers, depending on how you want your playlists to look like.
If you are not familiar enough with Spotify to make your own playlists, you can follow playlists that you like. Even if you have your own sets of playlists, following other playlists are still a nice way to personalize a Spotify account. This way, you have music that you like all in one place. Furthermore, collaborative playlists are a great way to share and discover more music. This is typically a public playlist that you or a friend creates and anyone can add to it. These playlists are really fun to use, sort of like a joint Instagram account. Multiple people share music together on one platform. This is why Spotify is a nice platform to use with friends and family, especially now that the Family Plan exists. Paying reduced amounts to get Spotify Premium is an amazing deal.
A good way to separate different genres of music is to separate them based on playlists. Although this is obvious, you can personalize this as well. Creating different cover photos for each playlist will make your Spotify more organized and the aesthetic way you want it. Ultimately, Spotify is constantly adding new features and it stays as an amazing resource for music.
According to Ed Sheeran, “For me, Spotify is not even a necessary evil. It helps me do what I want to do.”