Happy Retirement, Mrs. Tesner!


Robinson Lee, Student Life Editor

This month Mrs. Carole Tesner is retiring after working at AHS since 1981. She has worked in special education as an instructional aide and has shown compassion and kindness towards the people around her and tireless dedication to the AHS community. She is remembered by her fellow teachers in the Special Education department as a caring friend, a supportive advisor, and having their best interests at heart.

“Carole was not only a coworker, she was an incredibly caring friend,” Mr. Robert Greep wrote. She was there for me whenever I needed someone to listen to me vent about the stresses of work, life, etc. From day one back in August of 1997, Carole has been my biggest supporter; she was one of the first to introduce herself to me in the special ed department; she told me if I ever needed anything, she’d take care of it. She’s been there for me every time I needed her, whether it was to just talk, help me get organized, handle a personnel matter, handle my paperwork, or communicate with a parent, she was there without hesitation.”

He continued to say “Our entire special ed department and especially the district owes her a huge debt of gratitude. We would not be where we are today without her incredible dedication and hard work. So much of what she has done over her amazing career has often gone unseen by most. I’m incredibly happy for Carole on her retirement; however, I’m going to miss her dearly.”

Mr. Ryen Piszyk said, “Carole Tesner is one of the hardest working, kind hearted and joyful souls you will meet.  I remember the first day I stepped on campus 13 years ago, Rita Wilkins introduced me to Carole and said, ‘Make this lady your best friend.’  Fortunately for me, I followed Rita’s advice.  Carole is one of the generational types of people – and we are blessed to have her as part of the AHS family.  Her work ethic is impeccable, and she will say it is all part of the job – but it is all the extra things she does for the students that set her apart from everyone else.  I only had the pleasure of working with her for 13 years, but I wish it could have been longer because Carole is the type of person who leaves an imprint on the heart of every person that she meets.  She will be greatly missed in the SPED department, and I will be saddened to hear a different voice answer the phone in room B104 when I call there … Thank you Carole for all you have done.  You have touched so many lives over the course of your time at AHS.  I wish you all the best that your golden years have to offer!”

Ms. Andrea Winston added, “Being a new teacher at Arcadia last year came with it’s challenges of understanding how to navigate a whole new environment. Everyday Carole supported me with any questions I had and provided me with the advice I did not know I needed. Carole, you are a pivotal part of the Special Education Department at AHS and will be deeply missed. I wish you all of the best in this new chapter of your life.”

Mr. David Seiler also shared the guidance he received from Mrs. Tesner. “Mrs. Tesner was the first person I was told to seek out when I started at AHS three years ago. The reason was because of her willingness and desire to help others. The kindness and grace she showed me as a new staff member was tremendous in my ability to acclimate quickly to AHS. For that, I am forever thankful.”

Ms. Stefani Spitz, reflecting on her time with Mrs. Tesner said, “Carole has meant so much to so many of us. It always brought a smile to my face going into B104 and seeing her in there. She is so much more than a colleague. She was my work mom and friend. Always had our best interest at heart. Always made sure that we were well and taking care of ourselves when things got hectic. She will be missed by all.”

Mr. Laird Anderson summed it up for the teachers with “Carole, it has been a pleasure working with you. I enjoyed coming into your office and feeling the heater blasting away. It was always summer in your office! Enjoy your retirement and come back and check on us sometime.”

Mrs. Tesner herself fondly remembers her time at AHS. 

“I have worked in the Special Ed Department since my first day back in 1981. They are a wonderful, caring group of people and felt like family to me. I enjoyed the students and came to know many of them. I will also miss the teachers and staff,” she said. 

“The school has made many changes all for the better. We used to have lunch in our classroom and called ourselves the lunch bunch. We would celebrate birthdays and always worried about setting off the smoke alarm when lighting birthday candles. Of course, that never happened.”

As Mrs. Tesner leaves AHS, we would like to wish her a happy retirement and offer a sincere thank you for her efforts towards making AHS a better place.


Photo courtesy of AHS