In Memory of Mrs. Omprakasho Nosari


Lilian Chong, Staff Writer

Since 1981, Mrs. Omprakasho Nosari had worked at various sites at AUSD as an instructional aide. Many of her coworkers and friends referred to her as “Omi”. Known for her warmth and sweet presence whenever she worked with students or conversed with her coworkers, Mrs. Nosari will remain a memorable figure in the Arcadia community. She turned 85 this past September.

Throughout her time in Arcadia, everyone knew Mrs. Nosari as the “cool mom” in the neighborhood, who cooked and cared for all the kids. Though she had intended to attend a pharmacy school to become a pharmacist, she ultimately decided to stay home and raise her two daughters.

“She never once regretted that decision,” said Mr. Robert Greep, AHS Varsity Golf coach, who has known and worked with Mrs. Nosari for over three decades. “Omi loved her daughters dearly. She often shared with me how proud she was of both of them and all her amazing grandchildren.”

Whenever she worked in classrooms, Mrs. Nosari radiated joy around her students. Mr. Greep described her as “one of the most selfless and kind individuals,” as well as a teacher who “cared deeply for all her students and truly enjoyed her time working one-on-one with them.”

Mrs. Nosari loved her role at the school and always looked forward to working at AHS despite her retirement drawing near. Mrs. Nosari “was one of the kindest, sweetest co-workers I’ve come to know at Arcadia,” said Mr. Ryen Piszyk, one of AHS’ special education instructors.

Mr. Piszyk always saw her working and spending time with his students. 

“There was not a thing she wouldn’t do for the kids she worked with. She was such a kind soul, and she impacted so many students at Arcadia in such a positive way. I will greatly miss her warm smile, her gentle demeanor, and positive outlook she had on life,” he said. 

Ms. Angela Dillman, AHS’ principal, recalls Mrs. Nosari as “a warm and caring person. She radiated kindness to all around her. She was full of good cheer and always went above and beyond. She will be greatly missed.”

Ms. Robin Serr, one of AHS’ visual arts instructors, explained how Mrs. Nosari “was always there cheering [her] on and reassuring [her] that everything would be okay.” 

“I’m very sad to know Omi will no longer be on campus, or even on Google Meet. But I am grateful for the time with her, and I celebrate her passing into her peaceful rest. God bless Omi and her family, and I wish them all comfort this time,” said Ms. Serr.

Ms. Carole Tesner, another instructional aide at AHS, remembers Mrs. Nosari as “a wonderful caring person. She loved working with the students.” 

“I have known her for many years. It was nice when she could drop into B104 before class for our chats. I will truly miss her,” she said. 

“When I picture Omi, I see her working 1:1 with students and patiently supporting kids. She was always warm and kind to me and the students. She had a kind smile, and I will miss working with her,” said Mrs. Genevieve Huffman, AUSD’s speech and language pathologist.

For the remarkable acts of kindness she has done for her community and the school district, Mrs. Nosari will be remembered as the mom, grandmom, instructor, and coworker who never failed to put a smile on her face. Her devotion to teaching and her amiable personality will always resonate with her coworkers, students, family members, and friends.


Photo courtesy of AUSD