Favorite Disney/Pixar Movies

Cassidy Chhay, Staff Writer

Everyone probably has a favorite Disney or Pixar movie. Maybe it is because it reminds them of the more innocent times of their childhood, or it inspires them to dream. Whatever the reason, most of us enjoy watching Disney/Pixar. But what do the students of AHS think?   


One reason why people may prefer a specific movie is that it has sentimental value. It can help relive childhood memories. Freshman Sara Truong said that she likes Hercules “because it was the only movie at [her] grandma’s house.”


Sometimes, a movie may be your favorite because it won’t get out of your head. For sophomore Marina Puffer, she “can’t get the songs in Moana out of [her] head.” Other times, it may be because it’s the only one that is still stuck in your head. Freshman Claire Liang said that her “favorite Disney movie is Coco because it is the most recent one [she] watched, so it is the only one” that she remembers.

Another reason why a movie may stand out to you is that it reminds you of your dreams and aspirations. Sophomore Kaitlyn Phung said she likes “Beauty and the Beast because [she] wanted to be Belle when [she] was younger.” This reason also applies to sophomore Jordyn Aghili. She said that her favorite movie is Peter Pan “because [she] never [wants] to grow up, and so that [she] can fly.”

The most common reason why people have a favorite movie is because of the plot and the production of the movie. Junior Allen Wu said that Finding Nemo is his favorite because of the “heartwarming story about family.” For freshman Merrick Hua, his favorite movie is Mulan “because of how it diverts from the other movies of it’s genre.” He also comments of how the movie was the first he saw “with a heroine that single-handedly saves the day, and that made it unimaginably eye-opening for” him. He also believes that Mulan has the best soundtrack of any movie, so what’s not to love? He mentions that a close second would be Pixar’s Wall-E because of “its amazing artwork and simply beautiful scenes following Wall-E and EVE’s relationship.”

Although we all have different favorite movies for different reasons, it doesn’t matter because Disney and Pixar are great. They represent our past, present, and future, and will continue to entertain children throughout the ages.