Thoughts on Reading

Cassidy Chhay, Staff Writer

Reading has many benefits for your health and well-being including stress reduction, improved focus, and concentration. Despite the many benefits, this generation spends less time reading and more time doing other things. I wondered what students thought about how people are spending time reading and what books they would recommend to others.

Freshman Fiona King says that she doesn’t “read a lot but [wishes she] could. [She thinks] that people who spend less time reading will become less interested in reading in general.” Despite how little she reads, her favorite book is “Before I Fall [because] the story behind it is interesting. It really relates to the reader and the characters are all unique.”

Freshman Alyssa Lin, like Fiona, doesn’t read as much as she wishes she could, “but [she thinks] that people spending less time reading don’t get to explore the fantasy world. Most books are based on supernatural things and fantasy adventures, so [she thinks] that they’re missing out.” Her “favorite book is Lair Inc. because it always left [her] curious [about] what was going to happen next… The story was a betrayal on top of betrayal.”

Junior Joanna Ramos’ favorite book is “See You at Harry’s [because] the plot is great and it’s very emotional and everybody just overcomes grief with each other and [their] dysfunctional family.” Likewise, junior Melody Dwe really “likes The Catcher in the Rye because [she feels] like it could relate to a lot of things that go on in [her] life as well as many other teens and people our age struggling to succeed in school.” She gives an example of this “when Holden doesn’t care about school, but really excels in literature and loves to read.”

Despite all the benefits of reading, there is an opposing view to reading in people’s free time. For example, sophomore Yvonne Bee thinks “people have a lot more time to do other things… [and that she doesn’t] prefer to read in [her] spare time.” Although reading can be very beneficial, reading can sometimes be very inconvenient because other productive things such as homework can be done instead.

Reading should be a calm, relaxing thing when you have nothing to do. So in your free time, keep a book in mind and read away!