You Look Good Sophomore Bonding Event


Ava Shaw, Staff Writer

The skies were clear and the sun was shining at the Class of 2025 bonding event, You Look Good. Sophomores gathered after school on Mar. 17 as their class council hosted a fun afternoon of arts and crafts, drinks, and fun with friends.

Upon arriving at the Rally Court, students lined up and waited for the event to commence. At the check-in station, they gave their ID numbers, were given a blue stamp, and headed up the stage toward several booths.

Students expressed their creative side as they decorated mini mirrors. At the first table, the sophomores were given a choice between either a square or circle mirror. At the decorating station, they had access to an array of supplies to embellish their mirrors. Laid out across the table were colorful acrylic paint pens, letter stickers, flower stickers, and more. The sophomores gathered around and chatted as they doodled on and decorated the mirrors with cute designs.

“I chose to decorate a square mirror with cat stickers. I’m looking forward to taking the mirror home so I can continue decorating it with my own supplies. I enjoyed expressing my creativity,” said sophomore Stephanie Ho.

Additionally, Sophomore Council treated their peers to a delicious boba bar. The ASB officers served up cups of refreshing mango passion fruit green tea with ice. Toppings included classic lychee jelly, as well as passion fruit popping boba. The drink was finished off with either a pink or yellow boba straw. Throughout the event, students sipped on the tasty beverage, with some even going back for seconds. As an accompanying snack, rice crackers were also sold at the rally court stage.

You Look Good also featured a board game table for students to take part in some friendly competition. Some games included 5 Second Rule, Rapid Cup, and the beloved card game Uno. 

As all these activities went on, music played in the background, creating a cheerful atmosphere. Students sang along to songs, such as “Loverboy” by A-Wall and “Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossoms” by boy band HIGH4. 

“I had a good time spending time with my friends at meeting new people,” said sophomore Snigdha Boynipalli. “It was especially fun looking at other people’s mirrors because I was impressed by everyone’s artistic abilities. I also enjoyed how they included popping boba instead of regular boba in the tea. That was a fun touch.”

You Look Good was definitely a success among the Class of 2025. Sophomores enjoyed spending quality time with friends sipping boba, playing games, and decorating mirrors all while listening to some great tunes!


Photo courtesy of Class of 2025 ASB