Trending Gifts for Teens This Holiday Season


Ava Shaw, Staff Writer

The holiday season signifies gathering, tradition, and a celebration of cultures around the world. For many, one of the greatest parts of the holiday spirit is giving! Those who celebrate Christmas may recall waking up to a pile of presents wrapped beautifully under the tree. Additionally, receiving sweets and gold may resonate with those who celebrate Diwali. 

Teens can be quite difficult to buy for, as trends arise just as quickly as they die out. Here is some inspiration to help you conquer this year’s holiday shopping for the teens in your life.

1. Cloudsharks

Cloudsharks went viral across various social platforms in 2022. The quirky and comfortable shoe is made to look like a cute cartoon shark. They come in various sizes, colors, and styles, including fleece-lined and rainboot versions. However, the most popular Cloudsharks remain the original, which is essentially like a pair of slides. Cloudsharks are lightweight, easy to clean, and add a unique touch to any outfit.

2. Hoodies/Sweatshirts

Many teens have been embracing the cozy winter season, which is perfect for wearing sweatshirts. Some notable brands include Essentials, as well as Pacsun. As for a more cost-effective option, hoodies can also be found at local thrift stores. When looking for a sweatshirt to gift, it may be helpful to consider that a more oversized look is often favored. Many tend to gravitate towards a more baggy and minimal style, but it is ultimately important to give thought to the recipient’s own personal fashion sense.

3. Spotify or streaming service subscription

Music is an essential part of the day for many teens, whether that be listening to songs while doing homework, or while getting a workout in at the gym. A subscription to Spotify premium would be an excellent gift for any music lover. It includes wider access to new releases, unlimited skips, the ability to download songs, and several other features. In addition to Spotify, a subscription to an entertainment streaming service is also a great route to go. Services such as Netflix, HBO Max, Hulu, and Crunchyroll, offer a wide range of binge-worthy shows and movies.

4. Apple AirPods Max

Although not the most budget-friendly option, if you are looking to spend extra for the holidays, Apple Airpods Max would make a terrific present. These sleek wireless headphones come in a selection of colors and are also compatible with even non-Apple devices. Not only do they provide high-quality sound, but Apple Airpods Max are also fashionable and comfortable for daily use.

5. Books 

Finally, for the reader in your life, books are always a safe, but still beloved gift option. From a romance novel by Colleen Hoover to a graphic novel in a manga series, the selection of books is truly endless. If unsure about what specific book to get, a gift card to a bookstore like Barnes & Noble is also a great idea. 

Students at Arcadia High School are also eager for this holiday season. 

“As for fashion, something I’m hoping to get for Christmas is a Nike tracksuit jacket,” said sophomore Kylee Alexander. “Gold or silver earrings are also on my wishlist.”

“It would be nice to get a Samsung 970 EVO Plus SSD, which is a part that would improve the function of my computer,” said senior Bryant Shaw.

“This year I have been really into makeup and beauty, so I would love to receive some Korean makeup products for Christmas,” added sophomore Lyann Chu.

Gift-giving is surely a pillar of many modern holidays, but it is also important to remember that the true essence of holiday spirit lies in love and gratitude. Material things cannot be compared to giving back and appreciating those that make our lives special. Happy holidays!


Photo courtesy of UNSPLASH.COM