Reflecting on the Year: COVID-19 and Classes

Janell Wang and Pamina Yung

The end of the school year always brings bittersweet memories and feelings for those on campus. However, this last school year has been one of the strangest, as we spent the majority of it off-campus during the COVID-19 pandemic. Now that more places are opening up and life is returning to normal, the time to reflect on the school year coincides with reflecting on the pandemic. What has this past year meant for you?

Janell WangThe image that I had taken was the front of our school. For me and many others, this school year has definitely been a real mess. It was tough adjusting to a new schedule as COVID-19 caused everything to be moved online. My motivation had definitely taken a hit and it was hard keeping in contact with friends. Doing classes online really takes away the more interactive part of learning and it’s difficult to talk to classmates and teachers. This was a year of isolation that really hit a lot of people hard. I took a picture of the front of the school because I hope that going forward, next year will be better. 

Madison YeeAlthough it might be straightforward, the image that I decided to take was an arrangement of masks. When initially thinking of how to sum up this school year, the first thing that came to mind was the effect of COVID-19. Being only a freshman and spending my first year of high school online, it has definitely been a point in my life that was unexpected, yet I will never forget. Looking back at over a year of isolation that is still continuing, the coronavirus has morphed into the definition of my life and has become the sole topic of conversation. With new adjustments and days of remote learning through online meetings, I have been able to learn more about myself while getting used to school in the environment of my room. From breakout rooms to virtual tests, it hasn’t been the “busiest” and most “eventful” year, but the change and new perspective that I have experienced has been memorable.

Pamina YungThe photo I took is of my agenda that I have been using throughout the year to keep track of my homework and tasks. Attending the entire year online has required me to be self-sufficient and hold myself accountable. Since we were not at school in person, no one else was around to tell me what was due or when things were due. No one was around to teach me all the things I had to know for school. I had to take initiative in setting up written and digital reminders, as well as researching things such as how to navigate new softwares I had never used before. I became incredibly independent in a way that I do not think I would have been able to if school had been in person. I gained skills such as effectively taking notes and studying properly, in addition to editing basic videos. I have been able to get to know myself and my habits more as well as how to combat those habits that may be bad or inhibitive. With my newfound knowledge, I feel much more confident for my future years of education. This past school year was definitely challenging, but with challenge comes growth.