The 1 Billion Dollar Morning Routine


Catherine Chan, Staff Writer

With the freedom of quarantine and online school, what is stopping you from trying out the lifestyle of a billionaire? To be exact, with the freedom of quarantine and online school gradually coming to an end, you should experience what it is like to wake up like a billionaire before you lose the opportunity to do so. 

This is a morning routine that has gone viral on social media, specifically YouTube, and claims to be the habit of some of the world’s most successful people. Essentially, by learning the morning routines of billionaires such as Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, or Jeff Bezos, we are adopting the healthy habits of these incredibly successful individuals. 

Although these may seem like some habits that are very good to have, they can also appear to be very time consuming. There may be habits that you fully support, and there definitely will be habits that you find outright unrealistic to have for your day-to-day routine. Either way, there is no harm in giving these famous morning routines a try. Take it from me, someone who tried to adopt these habits at the beginning of quarantine as a result of being completely bored each day with nothing better to do. The structure and discipline required in this detailed morning routine can create positive momentum to have a productive day. 

It is said by the YouTube channel, Be Inspired, that “people… pick up their phone, the first thing, and they start reacting and driving distraction… as opposed to proactively spending time with self-care and self-love.” 

Without further ado, let’s step in and take a look at what a billionaire does each morning.

1. Recall Your Dreams

While a typical person would begin their day by staring at their screens for the first few hours they are awake, the first thing that a typical billionaire does when they wake up is recall their dreams. The importance of knowing your subconscious by recalling your dreams is substantial information to understanding yourself and your own visions.

2. Make Your Bed

You might be wondering, what is so special about this step that everyone does for billionaires to feel the need to gatekeep it? Well, making your bed once you get out of it is important to do right away, and it is indeed a successful habit because it sets up your positive momentum for the rest of the day. Making your bed is one of the first few things you do in the morning that can significantly contribute to your mindset and allow for a more productive one.

3. Drink Water

It is a fact that everyone wakes up dehydrated because you lose many hours of consuming water in the night while sleeping. It is paramount to hydrate yourself early in the morning. If a cup is not right next to you on your bed table, take the extra effort to walk to your kitchen and pour yourself a tall glass of water.

4. Breathe

In this step, the key is to focus on your breathing and use any technique that you find comfortable for you. Some techniques include box breathing, alpha breathing, and Wim Hof’s method. Giving yourself time to meditate properly is important so that you are able to have a clear mind and release any remaining troubles from the previous day.

5. Make a Move

Although this step may seem daunting, it can become much simpler than working out. By doing small movements such as jumping in place, jumping jacks, or stretching, you wake up your body and get your heart rate beating normally. This process can take as little time as one or two minutes in your morning routine.

6. Take a Cold Shower

Cold showers are a great way to wake yourself up if you are still feeling tired from the previous steps from this routine. A cold shower includes benefits such as resetting your nervous system and reducing inflammation. A study by the Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine concluded that cold showers have another benefit. This other benefit is that these showers have a positive effect on people who suffer from depression because the cold temperature sends more electrical impulses to the brain, which can help alleviate depression.

7. Journal

An interesting fact is that the hobby of journaling has become increasingly more popular. I have seen many social media posts of aesthetically pleasing pages under the “#journaling” and have adopted this habit myself. Simply, write out your thoughts and communicate in your journal with yourself.

8. Make a To-Do List

It is important to set goals for each day. These goals do not have to be anything ambitious or big; it is all up to you. They can simply be three goals about getting work done or about running certain errands. Setting attainable goals each day allows you to feel proud and accomplished of yourself.

9. Make a To-Feel List

Similar to the to-do list step, this step requires you to write down certain feelings you want to feel throughout the day. You can design it to feel grateful or to feel excited and even motivated. Having a to-feel list will help prompt your mindset as well in the right direction.

10. Read

As the final step of the “1 billion dollar morning routine,” taking time to read will train your brain on analyzing and allow for full function for the rest of the day. This step not only brings more knowledge but also improves brain connectivity and reduces stress.

The “1 billion dollar morning routine” is set to redirect your mindset and health each morning for you to spend the rest of the day at your full potential. Ultimately, creating healthy habits is one of the most influential steps in a billionaire’s success and can significantly change your performance throughout the day.


Graphic courtesy of FREEPIK.COM