Scenic Spots in Southern California


Brandon Chan, Staff Writer

Living in Southern California, there are many scenic spots to visit on a night drive with your family, a few friends, or significant other. Night drives to a certain destination are a fantastic way to clear one’s head, especially with some nice music blasting in the background and the windows down. Since there are usually very few cars on the road around 10:00 p.m., it allows you to escape the chaos and stress in your life for a good couple of hours (remember to still be safe). At night, you are able to see the city in a different light, as everything is lit up; buildings become more elegant and massive. Night drives usually led to spontaneous adventures with a scoop of ice cream or a drink in hand as well. 

One easy to access scenic spot at night is Griffith Park. There are actually organizers who led some hikes; however, if you want to do as you wish, you don’t need to follow a leader. Unfortunately, due to this current pandemic trails such as Griffith Parkline, Griffith Observatory, Travel Town, and Wisdom Tree Trail/Burbank Peak Trail are currently closed. Make sure to not go too late as it closes at 10:00 p.m., which is a little unfortunate. 

“I went to Griffith Park with a friend and it offered a beautiful view of the city,” senior Sebastian Bruno said. “The drive wasn’t too bad. It was about 20-25 minutes from where I live in Arcadia.” 

Another scenic spot that’s a must-visit is Mulholland Drive. When you drive up the windy roads in the hills to get to a great spot near the top of the mountain, you have to be careful not to drive off the cliff. It’s pretty easy to get lost as well, as there are a few dead ends and whatnot. However, the view is more than worth it and there is no closing time. 

“It was fun going to this location with a couple of friends,” senior Emme Chen said. “Honestly it was somewhat scary driving up especially if you’re with a bad driver. Don’t recommend having a person with bad eyesight drive. But the view of the city and the cool breeze definitely made it a fun experience.”

In Paso Robles, there is a Field of Light with about 60,000 poppy-like spheres lit up. The rolling hills there are incredibly pretty and magical. However, the drive is pretty far (three hours away) from Arcadia so you have to begin your trip in the morning. Try to hit up different locations on your way there. 

“My family and I visited this place on a mini road trip and it was definitely something like I’ve never seen before,” senior Tyler Ross said. “You can get really cool pictures.”

Other scenic spots to note are Elysian Park, Pacific Coast Highway (go to the beach after), the drive-in movie in Irvine, Grand Central Market, and Sunset Boulevard. These are just a few fun spots to hit. 


Photo courtesy of TIMEOUT.COM