Halloween Quarantine Ideas


Brandon Chan, Staff Writer

Although Halloween is coming up, the COVID pandemic has unfortunately made the idea of trick-or-treating look not too promising. This year, it may be difficult to go door to door collecting a large variety of candy from your neighbors. However, improvisation is key, and there are still plenty of fun activities to partake in for this upcoming spooky season with your friends and family.

If you’re going to celebrate this Halloween with your own family at home, throw on a scary Halloween movie (some recommendations are A Quiet Place and Get Out). Grab some candy corn or chocolate such as KitKat, Twix, and Reese’s and you have a nice cozy night in. 

A Quiet Place is a very good horror film, but make sure to watch with someone else,” senior Emme Chen said. “It makes it more enjoyable.”

Even though you may not get to go trick or treating, designing a costume can still be a good source of entertainment. Pick a certain theme to dress up as with your friends or family and have a costume party at home. Set up a competition to see whose costume is the best. 

Another activity you can try amid this pandemic is carving pumpkins. While this may not be an out of the ordinary activity whatsoever, it’s a classic and will still be plenty of fun. Just make sure to clean up the insides of the pumpkin when you finish. You can even try roasting the seeds to make them nice and crispy. 

“Pumpkin picking and pumpkin carving is a great way to celebrate Halloween,” junior Irene Chen said. “With pumpkin carving, you can get as creative as possible, drawing different designs on your pumpkin.”

For the extra adventurous people out there, drive-through haunted houses are a fantastic option. The Los Angeles Haunted Hayride is located in Bonelli Regional Park in San Dimas and has plenty of scary Halloween elements including live characters from Midnight Falls. At this drive-through haunted house, there is also a 40-foot screen that displays a haunted show. Though you may get suddenly startled, please make sure you don’t hit the gas pedal accidentally. That wouldn’t be too ideal, especially if you hit the car in front of you. 

 “It is definitely worth going because it’s a unique experience that you can’t get anywhere else.” senior Zachary Green, who has been to the Los Angeles Haunted Hayride, said. “I personally wasn’t that scared when I went, but it was still incredibly fun.”

Remember to still have a blast this Halloween, but please practice social distancing in order to limit the spread of COVID.


Graphic courtesy of FUNWITHKIDSLA.COM